Picture walls

A nice little dining area found among Alvhem's objects for sale.
Frida has dared to do it (see here), I have not.
To pick up the hammer and make holes in whole, fresh, white walls.
She says it is like taking away a plaster. I feel it is worse.
Like playing darts in your own living room.
But really nice those picture walls.
Someday my friend, someday...!

Monday mood

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A grey Sunday

 After numerous hot summer days it is nice with some grey weather to sort out thoughts and eliminate dust and laundry at home. A calm Sunday is what I like most.
Do you see my new grey cushion?
It is so comfortable and nice and made of linen and wool.
I live after the device that you can never get too many cushions!
It is so easy to change the look of a room or corner just by changing cushions from time to time,
or to move them around in different places.
Thank you so much by Lassen for the nice gift!
During the week I also bought two other favourites. A small vase from the local flower shop and also a poster designed by Maija Louekari. The poster is a collaboration between Marimekko and the Kiasma museum of contemporary art. Waiting for their webshop to open!
Have a nice Sunday evening!
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Summer is here

Breathing in the summer...
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I got enthusiastic when I saw these patterns and small office details in the latest issue of Deko.
I like the patterns on the origami boxes, bookmarks, cards and notebooks.
Somehow both modern and retro at the same time and in a typical Finnish style when it comes to design and drawing. You often see these kinds of patterns by young designers selling their products in the streets and on markets during the summer.
These patterns are made by Dog Design.
Vitra's mouse pad also got lost here, as it was so cute...
(unfortunately all text in Finnish)



Cecilie Manz + Iittala


The homeware collection for Iittala this year includes a storage system designed by the Danish designer Cecilie Manz. A happy combination of Danish and Finnish design which looks just perfect on these pictures. The storage units of steel, called Aitio, can either be mounted on the wall or placed on a table. Ultimate for small objects or kitchen details. The plastic hooks on the edges can hold tiny things, too.

The Kerros plywood shelf designed by the Swedish designer Matti Klenell looks like a clever solution for both displaying beautiful kitchen details as keeping them organized. The small shelf can also be used as a tray!

The Leimu lamp by the Norwegian designer Magnus Pettersen now also comes in a new grey version, and the Nappula candelabra by Matti Klenell have been launched in yellow.
I'm sold on this collection! 
Iittala in my heart, I could say!
What do you think?

Pictures Cecilie Manz + Dezeen


Sweet Saturday

You see. At my place cats and birds are best friends. I love my new poster from Aprill Aprill! It is made by talented Johanna who always inspires with her originality and creativity. I like her style!

On the balcony Eero Aarnio's Puppy is still waiting for some company. At least for some flowers...?

This sweet Saturday I have been to a spring concert with my mother. A choir was singing everything from Cohen to Mozart. And we enjoyed it!




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