Scandinavian home

Still spending summer holiday for a while and really trying to make the most of it. I had not planned to be away this long but we were suprised by an incredible, overwhelming heat wave in Finland and I lost all tracks. Really amazing, unusual summer and lovely tropical evenings, but without any Mediterranean genes it has, at times, been a bit too much (+50 in the sun and no breeze)! I must admit, the hottest days I sighed and looked at the weather forecast maps where to escape. But not even a swamp in the northest north would have helped. So I have been the shadow's best friend this year. And the hot weather still continues. How is the summer by you?

Anyway. I found some pictures. Enjoy!
On my wish list: A Danish clock.
All pictures Bjurfors.



  1. Wish I had a lovely view from my kitchen window like this one!